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Event WiFi

At this point, adding WiFi to an event is essential. Your participants will expect it, and almost every industry is now dependent on the internet for a variety of things. Whether you are focused on entertainment, gaming or retail, you need to make certain that your attendees will be able to accomplish everything from simple email access to mission critical applications like live streaming of presentations.

While it will be tempting to just go with the first solution offered, which will be the venue option. Unfortunately, these can often be overpriced and outdated. Because they are often the default solution for so many planners, venues can charge what they like for them. And because they are hard-wired into the facility they might only be as up-to-date as when they were first installed.

A better option will be rental of temporary internet technology from Trade Show Internet. They are less expensive and because all their technology is portable, it is easily kept up-to-date.

Event WiFi

by Lizzie Browning
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