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What is a Bitcoin mixer? What it takes to success the process?

Many people believe that Bitcoin is anonymous and not tracked. This is fundamentally wrong. Yes, it is anonymous, but as long as you cannot bind your wallet and your name. And as you understand, the government is trying to do it. Many in the community have started to use other coins because of this, as transactions in BTC are easy to track. Bitcoin mixer is an application that accepts coins and mixes them with many others. They have been used successfully for several years in a row and have been effective in tracing. But lately they have been struggling with them so that money laundering schemes will not be implemented through them.

What it takes to success the process?

The principle of operation is simple. The site accepts the cryptocurrency of many people, then uses algorithms for mixing and sends Bitcoin to different wallets. As soon as the mixing is completed, the coins will be sent back minus the maintenance fee. This fee is usually dependent on several factors, including the number of mixes, as well as the number of coins sent.If the toggle switch handled successfully, then the coins cannot be associated with you. Such services are not necessarily used for illegal purposes. Sometimes you need to hide your mark and possession of a crypto currency from extortionists to protect yourself and so on.

How much time is required for a Bitcoin mix?

The coin is sent to the pool, waiting for confirmation by the miner and then sent to different wallets – the speed of work depends on the amount of transfer and the type of crypto currency. Approximately 5-6 transactions on this block chain but deferred transactions are also used to make it more difficult to trace the relationship between addresses.Some anonymous mixers do not store data for long in order to improve privacy. Usually information is stored no more than 72 hours. The address generated in the mixer is valid only for transferring coins within the service for 24 hours from the time it was created. It is usually impossible to accept other coins to the same address.

Conclusion: be sure You need to carefully close the tabs, etc. During the operation a letter of guarantee is issued, the address of the wallet and the code by which you can prove that the money is yours and communicate with technical support. Otherwise, without an account to prove the ownership of funds in general is impossible. The letter of guarantee you need to download or save the text before sending the funds because then you will need to load it into a special window to return the money sent.

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