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3 Surprising Types of Businesses that Benefit from Online Invoicing

Freelancers and owners of very small businesses rely on online invoicing for the convenience and because they don’t typically have the staff to handle every aspect of running a business like larger groups do. However, online invoicing doesn’t just benefit these micro companies and small-amount transactions. On the contrary, you might be surprised to learn that your company could, too.

Medical Offices

When you sign your medical office up for an online invoicing tool like at, you’ll have access to customizable templates that can feature your logo so your patients trust the bill is coming from your office. You can even print the invoice in front of the patient and hand them the bill as they exit if insurance isn’t covering the services. An online invoicing tool is especially beneficial for small, independent medical offices, such as those of specialists, psychiatrists and dentists, who aren’t part of a larger medical facility and aren’t bound by their invoicing rules.


Most restaurant transactions occur in the restaurant, but if your restaurant offers catering and/or takeout and delivery services, you, too, could benefit from online invoicing. Many businesses count food expenses as deductible business expenses, so they need detailed invoices for accounting purposes. A detailed invoice helps you as well keep better track of the services provided, even if you require all payment upfront, but especially if you require a partial upfront payment and collect on the rest of the bill later.

Child Care Centers/Private Schools

Child care centers typically require monthly payment, and private schools operate on an annual, semi-annual or monthly system for payment. Even if you send an invoice only once a year, however, it’s beneficial for you to rely on an online invoicing tool to keep careful track of who’s paid and who’s behind payment and to detail the expenses to the parents and guardians responsible for payment. Since you can accept credit cards via these systems, it provides parents with another option for payment and makes them more likely to pay on time.

Streamline your invoicing process and make collecting payments easier with an online invoicing tool. Keep better track of payments and make notes to alert you to clients who are often late paying so you have a better chance at following up and convincing them to pay. It doesn’t take long at all to get started and since you have the option of both sending invoices online and printing them from the program to send in the mail, you’ll have an easy time transitioning your clients from your current system to your new one.



3 Surprising Types of Businesses that Benefit from Online Invoicing

by Lizzie Browning
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