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Choose Captive Resources For Your Insurance Services

Captive Resources is a company that is dedicated to helping businesses control their insurance costs. They also work to help companies understand what they need to do in order to practice good safety measures and prevent loss from occurring.

History of Captive Resources

Captive Resources was established nearly 30 years ago. The inspiration for this company being built came in the wake of the insurance crisis in the mid 1970s. This is a company that provides businesses the opportunity to become insurance owners rather than insurance buyers. Captive Resources is the top leader in the industry. They have a total of 35 captive insurance companies that ultimately generate $2.5 billion annually.


Captive Resources is a company that supports each aspect of the group captives they advise. Whether it be operational oversight or risk management, the professionals at Captive Resources supports each aspect. The goal of this company is to provide the highest quality insurance protection to each individual member while also increasing that individual’s buying power.

Captive Resources Today

There have been thousands of businesses who have turned to Captive Resources when they have faced insurance dilemmas. This is because Captive Resources offers tangible solutions that produce long-term results. By being focused on delivering the best and most suitable protection, many businesses choose to work with Captive Resources. Aside from this, the Captive Resources advisors have extensive knowledge and experience in their respective disciplines.

Choose Captive Resources For Your Insurance Services

Captive Resources is a company that can help you meet your insurance goals and understand the benefits of participating in a member-owned group captive. Whether you are facing an insurance dilemma or would like to take smart measures to prevent a dilemma from occurring in the future, Captive Resources is an excellent solution that will ultimately have your best interest in mind.

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Choose Captive Resources For Your Insurance Services

by Ferenc Hegedüs
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