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The excellent news is that we always have a decision whether so see the glass as half empty or half full. This is what inspired me to produce this lens and celebrate those special gifts that God provides us every single day filled with grace and cost-free of charge. So this is my own individual Lens of items that make me actually pleased!

What’s going on here? Either the borrowers postponing their interest payments are doing so as a matter of selection, by and large, or they can’t afford to pay them. Frequent sense suggests it is the latter – and that there is critical doubt Washington Mutual ever will collect the $1.5 billion of postponed interest that its selection-ARM buyers have added to their original principal balances.

If you have read this blog for lengthy, you know I started utilizing the Socratic Approach in my accounting classes way back in 1991. I typically get inquiries about why I began and how I use the Socratic Technique. I usually inform men and women that it is hard to clarify unless you are there to watch the procedure. People merely do not believe that you can teach complex accounting theory by firing tough ball inquiries at the students.

I was reading a document late in the evening and reached a point exactly where I wasn’t going beyond 1 paragraph. I suddenly wished someone would read out the document for me and I just listen. Adobe reader came to memory and I right away converted the word document to PDF and turned on the Read-Out-Loud function. Well it helped but not fairly due to the fact of a few limitations.

Farhana is a fresh graduate from a enterprise university. She got two offers, 1 of Rs.25,000 from an investment bank and another of Rs.15,000 for a teaching-assistant in a university. An additional of her class-fellow, Shabana got the very same offer from the same university. Whilst Shabana would be content to join the university, Faraha would not be as she would lose an opportunity to serve at the bank for Rs.25,000.

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