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Securing Information with Convenient Methods

Lawyers, paralegals, and prosecutors must have all of the necessary information before they can take a case to court and win. The testimony of witnesses, victims, and others plays a huge role in whether or not justice is served. However, securing the testimony of these individuals can be difficult if there is no privacy or if a barrier to the communication exists. By using services like private recordings and confidential audio transcription Los Angeles CA legal professionals can get the details they need quickly so they can go to court and win.


Some witnesses and victims are afraid to come forward and give accounts of what happened because they fear for their lives. They do not want to talk to lawyers because they fear that their conversations could be overheard and used in retaliation against them.

When lawyers and others in the legal community use this service, they get access to quiet and secure conference rooms where depositions can be held in privacy. The rooms are safe so that no one can break in and overhear what is being said. No one will know what the person says about the case until later, if ever.


Another barrier to getting helpful depositions involves being able to understand what the person giving the testimony is saying. Lawyers may not be fluent in the person’s native language, making it near impossible to speak to this individual if he or she does not speak English.

The service makes available translators who can interpret what is being asked and what information is being given in the deposition. The translator can also interpret written testimony so that it holds up in court and can be used in a case.

Video Conferences

Sometimes the witnesses or victims in a case are not in the state or city where the case is being argued. Lawyers must contact those people either by traveling to them or by calling them on the phone. Rather than rely on a sketchy phone connection or spend money on travel, they can use video conferencing to get the deposition. The testimony can be submitted in court and used like an in-person interview.

Depositions play a big role in whether a case is won or not in court. This service helps secure privacy and open lines of communication between legal professionals and witnesses or victims in a case.

Securing Information with Convenient Methods

by Lizzie Browning
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