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It would truly cheer me up a lot if some of you would share stories of your worst accounting woes, specifically if some of your experiences are worse than those presently afflicting my departmental colleagues and me.

It is said that practically 20 million mobile funds customers were unable to access the service for these days. In an post in the Uganda’s Day-to-day monitor dated 22nd February 2016, the writter, Mark Keith Muhumuza, states that as at the end of October 2015, MTN revealed, at least, Shs1.8 trillion was seamlessly moving by way of MTN Mobile Money platform per month.

When a student comes by to ask for support right here in this last month, I like to ask that individual to start off writing one test difficulty following each and every class. I want to see one difficulty that they think I may well ask on a test based on the material we covered. I want them to start off focusing on how the material can be turned into concerns. In the book Make It Stick, the authors assert that students usually more than-estimate what they have learned. I believe that is possibly true. I also feel it is true that students concentrate on answering the questions they have already seen and not on the questions they are going to see.

At the finish of the transaction, it was identified that there is unsold iron by Fauzi worth RM3,100 and RM1,090 by Syamsul. Both parties have agreed to take more than the iron-steel and will be credited to their accounts. Fauzi and Syamsul also agreed to impose a charge of five% on the general profitability of their organization for service charges and they run their company equally.

Beneath is an excerpt from an e mail a reader recently sent to us. To this reader, and other people who may be in the identical position, we say, maybe it is time to break via the wall and escape. That does not imply burning bridges and torching the accounting profession on your way out. It implies breaking down the wall in between you and happiness. You can be an accountant and be content you can even function at the Massive Four and be happy and you can even be unemployed and be pleased, so lengthy as you have broken through whatever mental wall separates you from happiness.

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